Better Know a Bike Counter: Chief Sealth Trail at Thistle Street

Remember Stephen Colbert’s thrilling 434-part series? This is just like that, only with Seattle area bicycle counters. Once upon a time I wrote about the Fremont Bridge bike counter at the Seattle Bike Blog. Now SDOT publishes data from nine bike counters, and the plan is to run through them one at a time, breaking down the trends and complaining about the poor quality of Seattle Open Data. Catch the previous installment here

So. South Seattle. Sure, everybody knows that there’s a daily pelaton, no, a downright army of white guys in spandex bicycling across the Fremont Bridge and racing each other up Dexter Avenue. You’ve seen them, every day of the year, with their flashy lights, clippy shoes, and boutique waterproof messenger bags, pedaling from north end neighborhoods to downtown jobs. But what about parts of the city that are perhaps not as traditionally white and prosperous? Does Seattle’s bicycle culture extend there as well?

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