Public Bike Share, Pronto!

Welcome back to the Stats-on-the-Streetsiest city blog in town! Today’s topic is bike share.

Bike share offers a unique transportation solution within cities. In a dense urban core often a car is more trouble than it’s worth, the bus may not conveniently traverse the necessary route, and while a personal bicycle provides more unconstrained mobility, it also presents the problem of what to do with your bike while at your destination. Who wants to worry about some jackass stripping their beloved bicycle while enjoying the theater*? Public bike share provides the mobility of a bicycle without the liability of your own property.

Many major American cities have launched bike sharing services in recent years, such as the well-known Citi Bikes of New York City, Divvy of Chicago, and Capital Bikeshare in the nation’s capital. Seattle managed to jump in front of their Cascadia Cup rivals Portland, Oregon and Vancouver, Canada by starting the Pronto bike sharing system in 2014 spanning downtown, South Lake Union, Capitol Hill, Pioneer Square, and the University of Washington.

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